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It is surprising how many businesses have a structure which is not as tax-efficient as it could be. This is often because the business has grown and developed over the years and no-one has taken the opportunity to ensure that the structure is tax efficient.

If you have a number of associated companies, the benefits from the lower rate of corporation tax may not have been maximised. You may have investment properties within the company which can cause complications when you want to sell the company but keep the properties. There may also be issues where you want to sell part of the business.

Tax legislation recognises that businesses mature and develop, and, in appropriate circumstances, allows for companies to be reorganised with no tax cost.
At New Forest Tax Accountants, our team works with you to understand your business and objectives so that we can give you proactive and innovative advice to ensure that your business structure is tax efficient, and meets your future needs. For further information or to arrange a free initial consultation to discuss in more detail how we can help you, please Contact Us.

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